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Niger: First-ever slavery conviction for “fifth wife”

As this article notes, “thousands of people still live in subjugation,” so there are going to have to be a lot more prosecutions before Niger can truly be said to be serious about stopping slavery. And because slavery is sanctioned in Islam, it is unlikely that Niger is ever going to be all that serious about stopping the practice.

Niger officially banned slavery in 2003 but anti-slavery organisations say thousands of people still live in subjugation.The women face a lifetime of physical and psychological abuse and forced labour, the group says.

EU and UK: Stabbing and beheading while praising Allah is not “religiously inspired terrorism”

On 22 May 2013, an off-duty British army soldier was murdered in the vicinity of army barracks in Woolwich, London (UK). The attackers initially used a car to run him over, before repeatedly stabbing him with bladed weapons. The two suspects – British Muslim converts of Nigerian descent – were arrested at the scene. Further arrests of their associates were made from May onwards. The assailants were self-organised but previously had links to radical Muslim groups in the UK (al-Muhajiroun and its later incarnation, the Sharia4 movement).

Turkish Twitter user gets 15 months prison for “humiliating religious values”

Rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey hands down a Sharia-inspired ruling. These are the kinds of laws that the purveyors of the “Islamophobia” myth want to bring to the U.S. The jailing of the Muhammad video producer, and the calls in the wake of the Muhammad video riots in mainstream media outlets for self-censorship of material that may offend Muslims, show that the Left and Islamic supremacists have the freedom of speech in their crosshairs.

Tariq Ramadan: Victims of Brussels Jewish Museum shooting were Israeli agents

It is unusual to see the slick pseudo-moderate Tariq Ramadan, who is so skillful at manipulating credulous Infidels into thinking that he is the very model of the modern moderate Muslim when actually he has never called for any genuine reform or rejection of any Sharia provision, including jihad warfare against Infidels, so openly lapse into Islamic supremacist anti-Semitic conspiracy paranoia. Perhaps all the mainstream adulation is making him sloppy.

UK: ‘Do not walk your dog here! Muslims do not like dogs’

Anywhere Islamic mores and culture conflict with Western culture, its Western culture that must give way. Wrong. Muslims should not come to the West if they are not willing to live in a Western-style culture. They threats, intimidation and relentless battering should be rebuked not respected.

In Tower Hamlets in the UK, where the Muslim mayor stole the election and just yesterday threatened British authorities with Muslim riots and violence if they investigate the flagrant election fraud was where this sign was posted –  near a popular park warning dog-walkers to stay out of “Islamic areas.”

The Virtue Behind D-Day

It was courage that made Reagan get up and leave. It was courage that kept Rosa Parks in her seat. And in these seemingly simple acts, each began building a bridge that would deliver millions of oppressed people to their God-given birthright of freedom and dignity — in Reagan’s case, the people of Central and Eastern Europe; in Park’s case, all citizens of the United States.

Pakistan’s Frightening Blasphemy/Apostasy Laws by Raheel Raza

The blasphemy law is contrary to every aspect of universal human rights. Blasphemy laws are in violation of Articles 2, 3 and 4 of the UN Declaration on the Elimination of all forms of intolerance and Discrimination based on Religion and Belief and also violates articles 2 and 4 of the Declaration of the Rights of Persons Belonging to National, Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities.

Individual blasphemy cases filed against the minority Ahmadi and Christian communities are common knowledge, but now there is a trend to apply the blasphemy law towards anyone the establishment does not agree with. The punishment for blasphemy is death.

Muslim Mafia’ Author: ‘Muslims Working With Facebook to Silence Critics of Islam’

On Wednesday, Dave Gaubatz, a former Air Force investigator and author of “Muslim Mafia,” told that he “infiltrated” a Muslim conference held in Detroit earlier this month. While at the conference, he reportedly spoke to a representative of a group known as Muslim Advocates, who said the organization is working “closely” with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to close down accounts of users critical of Islam.