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Busted on Benghazi: Krauthhammer, “We Now Have the Smoking Document on Benghazi Scandal”

 Charles Krauthammer called newly released emails showing a senior White House aide communicated directly with then-U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to prepare for a series of talk show appearances where she blamed the Benghazi attack on an Internet video “the smoking document” behind the administration’s attempt to divert blame.

Muslim 9/11 First Responder Gets New York City Street Named After Him

Endless concessions and accommodations to Islamic demands only give way to more. Not to rain on anyone’s proselytizing parade, but why this guy? Why does this first responder get a street named after him? Because he’s a Muslim? What about the other hundreds of first responders who died that day? Why don’t they have streets named after them?

How many people did Salman Hamdani save? He responded to an emergency. That was his job. Just like the other 2993 victims who went to work that day. They deserve streets named after them, too.

CAIR’s Newest Enemy

Canadian Ali Rizvi is a lot of things. He’s a physician in Canada. He’s a musician. He has a thought provoking and entertaining Twitter feed.And he’s a blossoming writer, working on a book called The Atheist Muslim. In a column posted Monday by the Huffington Post, Rizvi blasted Islamists for a series of campaigns aimed at silencing critics of Islam. Their reflexive cry of “Islamophobia” is “the ultimate, lazy substitute for a non-existent counter-argument,” he wrote.

He singled out the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for special ridicule.

The Phobia of Being Called Islamophobic

The phobia of being called “Islamophobic” is on the rise — and it’s becoming much more rampant, powerful, and dangerous than Islamophobia itself.

In January, British Liberal Democrat candidate and progressive Muslim Maajid Nawaz tweeted this, a cartoon with the caption: “This Jesus & Mo cartoon is not offensive & I’m sure God is greater than to feel threatened by it.” The result? Vicious death threats.

Halifax and Karate Class

To say that our very way of life is being set aside, that our ‘Canadian’ identity is being eroded, is an understatement. That our politicians, who lack any semblance of being Canadian, have become complicit in this outrage, turns my stomach. Many people, red-blooded Canadians all, we have stood idly by while the manipulations of a foreign religion have inculcated themselves into our colleges and public places in general and continue to warp our public discourse.


“President Obama must do more to resolve this crisis,” Wolf said.  “America helped give birth to South Sudan.  We have a moral obligation to act.  The killing must stop.  Both sides are at fault .

“If President Obama does not do something he will have to go to South Sudan and apologize for what happened like President Clinton did in Rwanda in March of 1998,” Wolf continued.  “President Clinton has called what happened in Rwanda ‘his personal failure.’  If nothing is done to stop the senseless killing in South Sudan, it will be on President Obama’s conscience.”