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The Taste of Integration

In the city of Bradford, the local Reform synagogue was about to close its doors when members of a nearby mosque and some Muslim businessmen stepped in with money and advice — and the synagogue has been saved.  The two sides have started what they hope will become a tradition: the Jewish community invites Christians and Muslims to an oneg Shabbat Friday night evening, while Muslims invite the others for a Ramadan feast, and the Christians include Muslims and Jews during the harvest festival. Clearly, for some the antagonism created by al-wala’ wa’l-bara’ is breaking down.

Counterjihad, Solzhenitsyn and Righteous Indignation

Our moral and righteous indignation should be stirred up intensely in this historic struggle that we in the Counterjihad Movement are bringing to fruition. Islam has no moral arguments to defend itself, so it will fall. We have valid moral arguments against Islam, so we shall overcome.

Britain: Islamists Create Climate of Fear to Curb Free Speech


Islamists and political opponents have mounted a campaign against Maajid Nawaz, Liberal Democratic Party candidate for Britain’s Parliament, (a former member of the Islamist revolutionary group Hizb ut-Tahrir and co-founder of the Quilliam Foundation, a London-based counter-extremism think-tank) resulting in numerous threats to his life. We note that this campaign, rather than being based on legitimate concerns of Muslims, is a political campaign which is being spear-headed by a group of Muslim reactionaries with a track record of promoting extremism.

Daughter of Muslim Group Director Demands Ban of Man Who Called Her Che T-Shirt Terrorist


Samia needs to take a lesson from Che.  Che didn’t go around whining that his critics should be banned from public libraries. He had them killed.

Samia needs to take a lesson from Che.  Che didn’t go around whining that his critics should be banned from public libraries. He had them killed.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Ridiculous ‘Hate Group’ List

The SPLC’s Hate Groups list is a cudgel, a tool for the use of Leftist enemies of the freedom of speech. When Pamela Geller or I or some other “hate group leader” is invited to speak somewhere, Leftists and Islamic supremacists avid to shut down honest discussion of jihad terror and Islamic supremacism contact the event organizers, tell them that the SPLC classifies us as “hate group leaders,” and all too often, ignorant or cowardly officials, unaware of or indifferent to how they’re being played and anxious to avoid “controversy,” cancel the event. It works like a charm, in just the way it was intended to work.

Teenage Jihadists, Car Burnings and Muslim-Only Cemeteries


An ominous foreboding is unfolding over Europe, as counter-terrorism officials intensify their warnings about the negative security implications surrounding the return of hundreds—possibly thousands—of battle-hardened jihadists to towns and cities across the continent. But Syria is only one of many concerns. What follows is a brief survey of some of the more noteworthy stories involving Islam in Europe during just the month of January 2014.