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Canada: Would-be jihad mass murderer tells court he was “forced to show my sex,” rants about gay marriage

Esseghaier’s rage about this supposed strip search is consistent with accounts that Islamic jihadists in prison the world over have given of their supposed “tortures”: an al-Qaeda manual a few years back told imprisoned jihadists always to claim that they had been tortured, and their accounts frequently revolve around sexual humiliation.

Scarlett Johansson Quits Oxfam, A Group Opposed to Jews Living on Jewish Land

Oxfam is a humanitarian group that opposes all trade from Israeli settlements and says they are illegal; deny Palestinian rights, and further ongoing poverty in the area. She and Oxfam have a fundamental difference of opinion in regards to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

No, Mr. Kerry: Poverty Doesn’t Produce Terrorism — Islam Does

Secretary of State John Kerry is not only a scathing liberal and traitor to his fellow soldiers–but he is also a blithering buffoon. Whenever the issue of poverty is discussed, Kerry (and his ilk) never fail to mention that it is the leading producer of global terrorism.

Pakistan and the Arab-Muslim Culture of Denial

The non-Muslim world cannot by fiat, or intervention, bring an end to the conflicts raging within the Muslim world. It is only Muslims who can end this, at least temporarily, through exhaustion, as it happened after the decade-long Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s; or by the decisive defeat of Muslim tribalism as it happened with Pakistan in 1971 in Bangladesh. Eventually, however, the basis of these conflicts will only end when the Muslim culture of denial and shame is replaced by the ethics of individual responsibility and accountability. The requisite for such replacement is stated explicitly in the Qur’an: “God does not change the condition of a people unless they change what is in their hearts.” [Sura Ar-Ra’ad (Thunder), 13:11.] It could not be clearer or more simply stated.

Immigrant couple loses appeal to regain medicare coverage revoked for spending too much time outside Canada

British Columbia’s top court has upheld a decision to revoke almost a decade of medicare coverage for an immigrant couple, confirming in a rare judgment that provinces have every right to deny health funding to people who spend too much time living abroad. B.C., like most provinces, requires that patients spend at least six months annually in the jurisdiction to benefit from medicare, and alleged Sayed Geissah and Souad Khalaf had lived most of the past several years in the Middle East.

Islamist Jurisprudence Group to Train 200 U.S. Imams

The group instructs Muslims to infiltrate positions of power for the purpose of gradually implementing sharia in America. It instructs Muslims to infiltrate positions of power for the subversive purpose of incrementally implementing sharia. In one translated document, AMJA says Muslim judges in non-Muslim countries must “judge by the rulings of the Sharia as much as possible, even if by a ruse.”