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UK: Muslim attackers hacked at soldier “like a butcher attacking a joint of meat”: “I did it for my God”

He did it for Allah? But…but…David Cameron told us that this attack had nothing to do with Islam! And the Daily Mail, as hopeless as ever even as it reports on all this below, does its best to obscure these jihadis’ motivations.

The importance of eye contact, emotional expression and non-verbal communication: How niqab and burqa can harm the psychological development of Muslim children

This subject has not been studied enough, but based on current psychological knowledge about the importance of the mother’s face and eye contact for the child’s psychological development, the Islamic dress code for women may constitute a negative influence on the development of Muslims’ personality.

Australia is right to challenge the UN’s anti-Israel bias

Australia’s support for Israel at the UN is not a commentary on settlements or a denial of Palestinian national aspirations. It is a principled and judicious attempt to wrench the agenda of human rights away from propaganda and vulgarization and return the community of nations to a sensible, measured and proportionate debate on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Is the Game Lost?

We have reached the point at which, even if by some miracle every last Muslim terrorist could be eliminated, the situation would not alter appreciably. For the real onslaught is occurring peacefully, via unstinted Muslim immigration into the West, burgeoning demographics outpacing Western population replacement ratios, infiltration of the civil apparatus including the judiciary, the legal profession, the legacy media, the educational curriculum from top to bottom, the interfaith community, and the various levels of government, municipal, state and national.

UK Warned that Ban of Popular African Muslim Drug May Cause Terrorism

The UK is experiencing an interesting reversal of the Opium War. Now Africa is forcing the UK to buy drugs. Some have blamed Khat for destroying entire societies. But on the plus side, it supposedly doesn’t make its users violent so maybe a plus for social harmony.

How Islamists Stole a Congressional Hearing

Oppressed Hindus from Bangladesh asked for a congressional committee hearing to make known their victimization by Islamists.  They got their hearing, but they were not given a chance to speak; instead, Islamists took over. Not one Hindu was invited to be on the panel of speakers.  The Islamists trashed the only political movement in Bangladesh that offers some hope of secularism.

The Islamist Plan for Victory: “Gradualism”

One of the mistakes that the West makes is that it doesn’t listen to what the Islamists are saying. If only we listened, we could hear their strategy. On November 20, Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, the top Muslim Brotherhood theologian and arguably the most influential Sunni cleric in the world, called on Muslims to embrace “gradualism.”