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A Veiled Grab for Power

The full veil radically alters the balance of power between the woman it conceals and those attempting to communicate with her. This is because while they cannot see her face, she can see theirs. The result is that they are no longer communicating as equals, because she has a basic advantage over them. And no one has the right to bring about that imbalance.

WANTED TERRORIST: Sheikh Barack Hussein Muhammad Obama

Walid Shoebat tells radio host Jeff Kuhner of how he is now being harassed and spied upon by the Obama administration over the work he has done uncovering Obama’s familial Islamist ties, especially his brother Malik Obama who is a supporter of terrorism.

Boston High School Trades Pledge of Allegiance for Muslim Anti-American Poem

The left never changes. It’s a toxic moral rot. It isn’t even capable of comprehending its own awfulness. It marches on with no trace of decency, only the arrogant self-assurance of those who insist that they know better because of some imaginary humanitarian moral superiority.


Yom Kippur, the most solemn and holiest day of the Jewish calendar, began last night. ACT! For Canada wishes all our Jewish friends a safe and easy fast, and ask all lovers of justice and freedom to stand with Israel, which continues to be on the front lines of the global jihad.

Gmar Chatimah Tovah!

Syrial Losers

Americans unsure what to think about President Obama’s plans for Syria should remember that all military action undertaken by Democrats for the last half-century has led to utter disaster. I know you liberals care more about free birth control than geopolitics, but if you keep electing Democrats, you’ll be getting fitted for burqas, not IUDs.