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Protester Arrested in Toronto for Mocking Islam, March 20 2013

Protestor Arrested in Toronto for Mocking Islam

It was only two weeks ago when the Supreme Court of Canada declared the criticism of homosexuality to be a hate crime. It seems that in Toronto Islam is also under the same high protection. Today, at a protest somebody was arrested for mocking Islam.

As I wrote earlier, a protest event was scheduled for March 20 at the offices of the Liberal Party of Ontario. It was caused by the fact that the Minister of Labour of our ruling party, Yasir Naqvi, endorsed an Islamic book, which (in accordance with the Koran) recommended wife beating as a tool for solving family problems. Despite the public outrage, the Liberals chose to ignore the issue and turn a blind eye on Muslim misogyny.


The anti-Islamic protestors


The protest attracted a tiny group of participants carrying signs like:

“Beat wife only for honour & discipline, Holy Koran 4:34”

“Those that deny Islam will be killed, Holy Koran 33:16”

“Expose jihad with free speech or die”

However, what they lacked in numbers, they made up for with their creativity. Eric Brazau, who was one of the organizers, was dressed like an imam and accompanied by a woman in a full Muslim niqab.


The mock sermon


Using a microphone, he gave a mock Muslim sermon, assisted by the veiled woman. He was “praising” Canada as a place, where you can beat your wife with impunity. Reading from sheets of paper, he also counted all the benefits you would get here if you are a religious fanatic. It was a satirical performance, which still focused the attention on the flaws of Islam.


In the beginning the people didn’t pay much attention. Then two police women stopped by and a police van for transporting people under arrest parked in the side street.



Many of the people who were passing by found the event amusing – laughing and stopping to take pictures. Then some Muslims started to argue with the protestors, although everything was kept peaceful.

At certain point the police decided that the mockery of Islam is getting dangerous and sprang into action. Even more officers arrived and Eric Brazau, along with the other organizer, Ron Banerjee, were led to the police vehicles in the side street.


Brazau is being searched


After the customary processing, Brazau was handcuffed and led away in the van. After some questioning, Banerjee was released.


The handcuffed Brazau



Everybody is in the van – it is safe to be Muslim again!


Although the police measures against a peaceful protest were outrageous, they didn’t surprise me. Now every special interest group is beyond reproach regardless of how despicable their positions or actions are.

But truth is truth, no matter what the Supreme Court of Canada says. Islam is a barbaric religion, because it openly promotes violence against women and deprives them from their rights. Of course, the police can arrest me for saying that, but that is not going to make Islam more likable or acceptable.

And we also have a double standard applied here. There is a similar type of protest going on in front of the Israeli Consulate every Friday. A tiny group of lefties, Muslims and self-hating Jews stands there handing out flyers and holding signs. They are also peaceful, but the materials they give away are virulently anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish. And yet I have never seen police talking to them; none of them has ever been arrested.

It looks like the critics of Islam are lesser people who can be on the receiving end of the police wrath for no apparent reason.

Welcome to the new Toronto, where the Canadian values mean nothing and their defence becomes a dangerous business.

"Human Rights Abuses – Shariah Style" by Cynthia Yacowar-Sweeney, CanadaFreePress


Last week I wrote about Shariah-style education in Egypt and explained that beating children is religiously mandated in Islam. However, child beating is only one of many horrific human rights abuses religiously sanctioned under Islam, a primitive and brutal system of laws dating back to the 7th century that are still used to this day. There is no place in the 21st century for Shariah Law, derived from the Koran and the Sunna (the ways or practices of Mohammed). However, Shariah is on the rise and is being propagated all across the world to supplant Western freedoms with an undemocratic Islamic theocracy.

For a Muslim to deny what Mohammed said in a Hadith about hitting children for prayer neglect, or in other Hadiths or Koranic verses, is to deny Mohammed. He cannot be denied because Islamic law derives solely from his life and teachings as ordained by Allah, whose words can never be changed. This is why child beating and other forms of abuse mandated in the Koran or Hadiths will always remain part of Shariah and can never be changed for the strict followers of Islam.

Islamic edicts or Fatwas, such as the one that addresses child beating, are specific, non-binding (in Sunni Islam) directives based on Shariah that should be obeyed by the Mufti’s followers who are typically conditioned to blind obedience under a religion whose very name (Islam) means to submit. However, the meaning of those directives typically expand and enforce a more severe form of observance that sometimes results in death.There are countless cases of Islamic teachers severely beating their students in countries under Shariah and in the West as well.

However, one might rightfully charge that child beating also takes place in schools in Western countries, including the United States, where 19 of its states still use corporal punishment. Here’s the difference: while the West is not perfect, it recognizes the problem with corporal punishment and is attempting to rectify it (its use has declined in recent decades), bearing in mind that the level of brutality never reaches that practised under Shariah; whereas Islam is mired down in medieval concepts, applauds them and enforces them as Allah’s word despite being inimical to contemporary society.

Western democracies taken as a whole are not subservient to religious laws. Christian fundamentalists who use the Bible to justify their belief in brutality are not mainstream and are to be condemned for their interpretation of religious law and for breaking secular law. People are not perfect and every group has its aberrations. As Western civilization and society mature, the level of humanity increases with it. However, a stricter implementation of Shariah is becoming more mainstream in Islam, especially with the recent Islamist ascent to power throughout Africa and parts of Asia. Shariah is on the rise and is no longer dwindling in background mode.

Under Shariah, the defacto situation is that people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, are being dehumanized on a daily basis all over the world by callous, barbaric and religiously approved Islamic tenets that sanction child molestation; child brutality; female degradation; female genital mutilation; hanging homosexuals; honour killings; stoning rape victims or alleged adulterers; flogging or killing apostates (those who leave Islam for another religion or for a secular lifestyle), blasphemers (those who insult Mohammed or Allah) and consumers of alcohol; persecution or execution of dhimmis (subjugated second-class non-Muslims citizen living under Islamic rule); slavery; and so much more.

Not only are beheadings, amputations of opposite limbs, and burning alive still forms of punishment practised in Islamic countries, but crucifixion is also used in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran and recently in southern Yemen, as mandated by the Koran (5:33) – the ONLY time an image of the cross can be displayed in these countries – whereby the victim is nailed with steel spikes to cross-shaped planks by the hands and feet, and often suffers for three days dying a slow and painful death. If the victims are lucky, they will be beheaded before being crucified, with their heads stuck on a pole next to their crucified torsos.

Today’s more civilized societies live under secular law and are constantly evolving. Religious laws require discussion, interpretation, analysis and subsequent application. They are subordinate to secular law. This can never happen with a strict adherence to Islam, which is all about obedience, observance and submission. As Seyyid Qutb, the founding father of modern Jihad, wrote in his Milestones: “We must return to it”, referring to Islam at the time of Mohammed (when it was at its purest, free from Jahiliyyah or ignorance of Allah’s guidance) “with a sense of instruction for obedience and action, and not for academic discussion and enjoyment.”Discussion or criticism is not allowed in Islam, only blind obedience to Shariah. Choosing otherwise means death.

Man-made laws that include the West’s basic human rights and freedoms as outlined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights can never transcend the laws of Shariah ordained by Allah for all mankind. Shariah Law has been established as the supreme law of the land, for all countries, in the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam. This document was issued in 1990 by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) ─ the 57-member state organization representing 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide. The OIC’s goal is to internationally criminalize any criticism of Islam by restricting freedom of speech (as per Resolution 16/18). Without the freedom to speak and express opinions, a society will lose the remainder of its other freedoms and eventually collapse, giving Shariah free reign to assert its primacy over Western law.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights stresses that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”, while its antithesis, the Cairo Declaration, stresses that Allah has made only “the Islamic ummah the best people” and states in Article 24 that “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shariah.”  In other words, Human Rights in the latter document mean Shariah Law. Following man-made laws is considered apostasy from Islam, punishable by death, as prescribed by Mohammed (Bukhari (4:52:260), in some Islamic countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Blasphemy is also punishable by death in those very same countries (Koran 33:57-61).

I repeat, the harder the OIC pushes for a worldwide caliphate governed by Shariah, the more Westerners will see Shariah creep into all facets of their free societies. Where there is Shariah, there are horrific human rights abuses. To protect children and others against Shariah oppression in the West, citizens of the free world must push for legislation to delegitimize and ban implementation of Shariah in the state, province or region in which they live ─ before the Jihad against infidels is taken to the next stage of convert, surrender or die.



Lars Hedegaard March 18, 2013 with Michael Coren on The Arena

March 18, 2013 – Lars Hedegaard, Danish free speech advocate, journalist and historian appears on Canada's Sun TV, The Arena, with Michael Coren, describing the Feb 5th assassination attempt on his life at his home in Denmark. Hedegaard is president of the Free Press Society (that he founded in 2004 in Denmark) and its international offshoot, the International Free Press Society. He is also chief editor of the new weekly Dispatch International that he launched in January 2013, a newspaper that courageously brings to the public's attention the difficult facts about Islam that the legacy media ignores and that subsequently brought on a murder attempt on his life.