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Thought Gestapo in Action at Rollins College

Jamie Pizzi, a freshman at Rollins College in Florida, penned an op-ed for the college’s student newspaper The Sandspur on March 17 in which she discussed aspects of the continuing national debate over illegal immigration. She focused on the issue of “anchor babies” – children born to illegal immigrants residing in the United States and who are, under the 14th Amendment, automatically granted full citizenship. Like many Americans, Ms. Pizzi believes that children born to people who entered the nation illegally and/or who continue to live here illegally should not be granted the same rights and privileges that legal immigrants obtain only after negotiating a mountain of paperwork and waiting for a very long time.

Some members of the academic establishment at Rollins College were outraged that Ms. Pizzi would dare harbor such “extreme” views, much less commit them to writing. Worse, in the opinion of the intelligentsia, was the fact that The Sandpiper actually published such “inflammatory” opinions. For example, Rollins faculty member Kathryn Norsworthy sent mass e-mails around the school denouncing Pizzi’s piece. A comment that Norsworthy posted at The Sandspur’s website is typical of the academic community’s hysterical reaction:

“This kind of media contributes to a climate of hate and intolerance in our community and is potentially traumatizing to our friends, colleagues, and students who are immigrants, their families and friends, and to those of us who are allies and/or members of other marginalized groups. Finally, I cannot imagine what people outside of Rollins will conclude about our college community and climate when they read this kind of thing in our college newspaper. I am extremely embarrassed to know that this is being put forward as part of the public face of Rollins and, sadly, regardless of how many letters we write, we can’t take back the fact that this has already gone to print and been disseminated widely inside and outside our campus.”

Faculty members Denise Cummings, Ted Gournelos and Lisa Tillmann put their signatures to an open letter that was sent around campus, in which the trio compared Pizzi’s viewpoint to Nazi propaganda. They went on to explain why certain opinions should have no place at Rollins College:

“This is not an issue of free speech. No one is arguing that the only legitimate view is one in favor of birthright citizenship. Informed, reasonable people disagree on a host of issues. The issue here is one of responsible communication, journalistic integrity, and the Rollins mission of global citizenship and responsible leadership. If the Sandspur puts texts like this op-ed and illustration into public discourse–without even a contrary view or comment–you have to take responsibility for harm that comes to everyone impacted. Members of our department and several others have worked with undocumented young people and farm workers in Apopka. It pains us deeply to consider their having to confront a depiction of themselves as an alien, a bug; and we shudder to consider how this rhetoric feeds already existing stereotypes and prejudices that precede hate-based violence.”

Steve Doocy brought such intimidation to light on Fox & Friends last week. When the incident then garnered national attention, George Soros’ spin-machine went into action. The billionaire’s media watch-dog organizations ignored any part of the story that involved attempts to stifle the free expression of ideas on campus. Instead, they attempted to demonize a college freshman for having an opinion that they don’t agree with.

College Media Matters gave prominent play to Pizzi critics who accused her of being a Nazi, supporting genocide and promoting an atmosphere of hate and intolerance. Media Matters Simon Maloy went after the freshman as well, in a personal attack that was questionable even by MMFA standards. Maloy declared: “I’m not here to bash on (sic) a college op-ed…” and then proceeded to do just that, although practically nothing of his criticism had anything to with what Pizzi actually wrote. Maloy slammed Pizzi for “her poorly articulated nativism,” declared that the anchor babies are a myth and dismissed the very idea that liberal academia might attempt to stifle opinions it doesn’t like instead of fairly debating the issues of the day.

Geert Wilders' Film on Muhammad May Spell Death to Islam

Dutch MP Geert Wilders is going to release his second movie, FITNA II, depicting the "real life" of Muhammad, which may spell the death of Islam.

In my previous article, it has been pointed out that the advent of the Internet has become a serious threat to the survival of Islam. Through internet, it has been easy to unmask the true face of Islam and its originator Muhammad. It has enabled critics to overcome the taboo of telling the truth about Islam and Muhammad… Islam stands on the projection of Muhammad as a perfect, sinless human being, but as his real vile character becomes exposed through the Internet, the foundation of Islam becomes increasing weak on its way to collapse. That's why Islamic countries try to block many Websites that expose the true face Islam and its founder.

I have many Muslims students. I have been astonished to know that these so-called educated Muslims know nothing about Muhammad's real deeds. They don’t know that Muhammad, at the age of 52, married Ayesha when she was a child of six. The clerics and the mullahs craftily guard this and other such nasty truths about Muhammad from today's Muslims, including his marrying the wife of his adopted son Zeid, massacring the Jews of Beni Kouraiza and Beni Nadir en masse etc. So, projection of the real life and deeds of Muhammad will undoubtedly play havoc upon the creed of Islam.

In his recent article The Passion of the Vampire-Prophet, the author Sujit Das writes,

“Often a question arises in our mind, why the Muslim clerics are reluctant to make a movie on Prophet Muhammad to promote Islam?…. The answer is simple. Islam is a barbaric religion which is completely devoid of spirituality. There is only deception, hate, murder, bloodshed, rape, delusion, terrorism, crime, suicide-bombing, honor-killing etc…etc. …In spite of this, if a film is produced on Muhammad’s honest biography, it will be a horror movie – a vampire movie that is set in background of extreme lawlessness of seventh century Arabia and Prophet Muhammad being the vampire itself.”

The Wikipedia gives a list of 15 movies made on Muhammad and Islam. [2] Out of these, 3 are based solely on the life and deeds of Muhammad. These are[3]:

(1)  The Life of The Last Prophet (This Islamic historical movie was labeled as one of the greatest movies about Muhammad ever made.)

(2)  Muhammad: The Last Prophet (An animated historical film about the rise of the Islamic religion), and,

(3)  Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (A documentary that explains the life of Muhammad from birth to death and his contributions to the cultures of the time.)

These films have, undoubtedly, presented a sugar-coated Muhammad by concealing his lustful, cruel and demonic deeds. Had any of these films projected the true color of Muhammad, Muslims across the world have demonstrated violent protests, as they are now protesting over the incident of burning a Koran by an American Pastor in Florida.

How the shameless Muslim authors try to project Muhammad as a great humanitarian? For example, Tariq Ramadan, professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University, believes that the life of human prophet Mohammed can teach us many lessons. In his book In the Footsteps of the Prophet: Lessons from the Life of Muhammad (2007), he depicts Muhammad as a deeply spiritual man with a great respect and love for women. According to him, Muhammad, was not without faults. But he was tolerant to other faiths. “And unlike his followers, he allowed Muslims to abandon their religion, and personally permitted an Abyssinian Muslim to convert to Christianity”, says Mr. Ramadan.

Geert Wilders to make a Film on Muhammad

Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders, the Dutch MP, Chairman of the Dutch Freedom Party and the creator of the revolutionary short film FITNA, explained in a recent article Time to Unmask Muhammad [5] the urgent necessity of disclosing the true face of Prophet Muhammad. And in pursuit of that, he announced on April 1, 2011 that he would be making FITNA-II in 2012 about “the barbaric life of the sick mind of Muhammad”. Sixty-five percent of Freedom Party voters said they approved of the proposed FITNA sequel.

On April 2, the RNW News Desk published an article, Wilders’ Mohammed: rapist killer or compassionate activist?, authored by Klaas den Tek and Myrtille van Bommel. “A barbarian, a mass murderer – that’s how Dutch MP Geert Wilders says he will portray the prophet Mohammed in a new film. Hirsi Ali sees him as depraved, the Pope as tyrannical. Others think of him as elusive or an invention, and some consider him a tolerant philosopher or a human rights activist. Six views to assess Wilders’ claims about Mohammed”, the authors say.

“The cruel leader of a band of plundering, murderous, rapist robbers from Medina” – that’s how Dutch MP Wilders says he wants to depict the prophet in his new film, due in 2012 as a sequel to his 2008 anti-Qur’an short FITNA. To support his view Wilders cites a biography of the prophet written by Flemish psychologist Herman Somers: “The sources describe orgies of savagery in which hundreds of people were strangled, their hands and feet chopped off, eyes pricked out and entire tribes exterminated.” Wilders says he wants to “unmask Mohammed; so Muslims can turn their backs on Islam.

In September 2006, Pope Benedict XVI compared Mohammed with a contemporary jihadist. During a lecture at a German university the Pope quoted a 14th-century Byzantine emperor as saying: "Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” His comment triggered a spurt of violent protest by angry Muslims around the world. The Pontiff eventually apologized and declared that he had no intention to insult anyone but had meant to start a frank dialogue.

“By Western standards Mohammed is a perverse tyrant,” said former Dutch MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born ex-Muslim, in an interview in 2003. “If you don’t do what he says, you come to a bad end,” she added.

“Mohammed says a woman should stay indoors, wear a veil, is not allowed to do certain work and should be stoned if she commits adultery,” she said of the prophet’s “posthumous blackmail”, as Muslim societies seek to implement those commands.


Given Geert Wilders is a student of the true history of Muhammad, his upcoming film, FITNA II, will portray Muhammad "real life" that would include his hatred towards non-Muslims, his bloody massacre of Jews and Arab infidels, his infinite lust and sexual perversity, his pedophilia and all other demonic deeds without any sugar-coating. A film on the true life of Muhammad, as wished by Sujit Das, is undoubtedly on its way. The world may well be waiting for a "Vampire Movie", based not on an imaginary creature, but on the life of a real human person, whom the world's 1.5 billion Muslims consider the greatest ever human being in history. And it will, no doubt, serve as the most devastating blow yet to the vicious Arabian creed, namely Islam.