Who is the Host, and Who the Guest? by Hugh Fitzgerald

Oriana Fallaci said in a 2003 interview with the New York Observer, “[Islam] is not even a religion, in my opinion. It is a tyranny, a dictatorship — the only religion on earth that has never committed a work of self-criticism….It becomes worse and worse…and now they want to come impose it on me, on us.” Don’t you miss Oriana?


The Changing Faces of an Iranian-Canadian MPP

Although Reza Moridi has ridden to his present position on the votes of Iranians in Canada, he has changed faces and seems to be representing the interests of several other governments and institutions — including the Iranian regime, the IRGC business empire and its links in Iran and Canada, and the Azerbaijani government — and not the cultural and political interests of Canada or the Iranian-Canadians who gave him a seat in the Ontario government. Through his policy shifts, Reza Moridi has been totally disregarding Iran’s and the Syrian regime’s brutality, dehumanization, and subjugation of people. He has also been disregarding Iran’s expansionist, imperialistic policies, Iran’s threats to Israel, and Iran’s violations of international and diplomatic norms.


The 75th anniversary of Liberation Day in Ethiopia

Africa, sixty years after de-colonization, is still wretched and violent.  Ethiopia, the first modern nation of Africa, celebrates the seventy-fifth anniversary of the expulsion of Italian Fascists from their nation.  Is anything better?  Honestly, no.  The problems of Africa and much of Asia are not the consequence of Italian invaders or British imperialism.  These problems are old and, tragically, self-inflicted.

: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/05/the_75th_anniversary_of_liberation_day_in_ethiopia.html#ixzz47PiBT4Nd

Survey of Canadian Muslims reveals major concerns

Far from being benign, or even positive, as some commentators in the liberal media claim, a new survey of Canadian Muslims should give many pause for thought.  A majority (50%) of Muslims said being a Muslim was the most important part of their personal identity, far more than the percentage saying that being a Canadian was most important (15%).

It is clear that Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada is the political home for Muslims. Among those surveyed, 65% said they voted for Trudeau, versus 10% voting for the far left NDP and 2% for the Conservatives


Robert Spencer speaks in Calgary, Leftists and Islamic supremacists outraged

First, note the headline: “U.S. anti-Muslim blogger Robert Spencer draws hundreds in Calgary as critics condemn ‘dangerous speaker.’” The mainstream media typically defames all foes of jihad terror as “anti-Muslim,” and the charge is as false as it is revealing. The usage indicates that the mainstream media considers opposition to jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women, gays, non-Muslims, etc. to be “anti-Muslim.” That in turn implies that the mainstream media is well aware that these things are Islamic. Yet in the same breath, the mainstream media claims that none of these things are genuinely Islamic, and that the overwhelming majority of Muslims oppose them. If that is so, then why is opposition to them “anti-Muslim”?


One Message for the Muslims; One Message for the Americans

How is it that nearly fifteen (15) years after 9/11 none (i.e. ZERO) of the Islamic advisors to the United States government have shared with our leaders the Quranic concept of abrogation, the definition of “jihad” in sharia (Islamic Law), or the fact sharia obliges jihad until the entire world is under sharia? It is because sharia obliges Muslims to lie to non-Muslims when the goal is obligatory (e.g. Jihad), and makes it a capital crime for Muslims to teach other Muslims anything about Islam which is not a part of authoritative Islam.