Gulf States Cannot Accept Syrian Refugees

The Koran says Muslims must shelter and take care of the weak, sick, poor and elderly, but Al-Shelaimi made it clear the Arab world had no such intentions.  He said: “Kuwait and other Gulf Co-operation Council countries are too valuable to accept any refugees.  Our countries are only fit for workers.  It is too costly to relocate them here.  Kuwait is too expensive for them anyway, as opposed to Lebanon and Turkey which are cheap. They are better suited for Syrian refugees”.  And with breath taking arrogance he finished: “In the end it is not right for us to accept a people that are different from us.  We don’t want people that suffer from internal stress and trauma in our country”.

Up to 900 Syrian refugees a day to land in Toronto, Montreal: document

The Syrians will be identified by the United Nations and screened on the ground by Canadian officials, including from the CBSA and CSIS, which will examine documents and biometric data, such as fingerprints.  After landing in Toronto and Montreal, the refugees will be housed at nearby sites, as well as in Cornwall, Ont., and Trois-Rivières, Que. If the immigrants pass further health and security checks once in Canada, they will immediately become permanent residents.

“When people get radicalized, it’s precisely because we’re not integrating them into society,” he said.The real danger is not the people who come, but making sure we welcome and integrate them and give them a great chance once they get here!

The Poor Murderers

Utopia is another name for power. It is an absolute good that negates the humanity of every person on earth. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Islamic Caliphate of ISIS or the Socialist gulag. The destruction of the individual is not only necessary, but celebrated as evidence of the triumph of the ideology. Destroying people shows the absolute power and total importance of the creed. That is the force that destroys civilizations. It’s a moral force, but it’s the moral force of evil.

The Muslim Refugee Trojan Horse Will Soon Burn Europe to the Ground

Hijrah. Learn the word. Understand it and never forget it. Because Hijrah accurately describes the trojan horse scenario unfolding in Europe. In the year 622 the Islamic prophet Muhammad set out on the first Hijrah. What is a Hijrah? In short, it’s the act if migrating to other parts of the world with the intention of spreading the grip of Islam.

Sweden: Rape Clinic for Men, Publicly Funded “Virginity Tests”: One Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Sweden: October 2015

Stockholm opened what is believed to be the world’s first rape clinic for men. More and more men are being subjected to homosexual rape in multicultural Sweden. 370 sex crimes against boys and men were registered in 2014, although the actual number of incidents is thought to be significantly higher.

  • Sweden’s strategy seems to be to keep the borders open and then redistribute the asylum seekers to EU countries that have an immigration policy completely different from Sweden’s open borders and generous welfare benefits. Whether other EU countries want to relieve Sweden’s burden remains to be seen.
  • Police documents show that 70% asylum seekers whose applications are rejected ignore the decision and stay illegally in Sweden.
  • The councilman argued that one should be able to talk about everything, so long as it is true. Two days later, he was forced to apologize and stress that he is not a racist.
  • Swedish authorities care more about the murderer’s future in his native Eritrea than they do about the risk that he will kill more Swedes.
  • Weapons smugglers have figured out a way to drive through customs checkpoints without being pulled over. The customs officers have orders never to stop cars with more passengers than there are customs officers present, according to the Lokaltidningen weekly newspaper.
  • The young men raped the girl, beat her and half-strangled her. The men, because they were believed to be under 18, were sentenced to juvenile detention. In six to nine months, they will be cruising Stockholm by night again.


Star Spangled Shariah: The Rise of America’s First Muslim Brotherhood Political Party

The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal in America is to “destroy the Western civilization from within.” Star-Spangled Shariah: The Rise of America’s First Muslim Brotherhood Party shows the newest weapon in their arsenal for doing so – a self-described “political Party” called the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). This new monograph “connects the dots” between the Brotherhood’s secret plan to impose Shariah here and the insidious use it intends to make of our democratic political system to that end.