Syrian refugees slam interpreting services in Saint John

Newcomers say quality of interpreting service provided by YMCA is inadequate, especially for doctor visits. The Syrian newcomers shared a story about a woman who had major issues getting a female interpreter so was sent to a hospital appointment with a male interpreter instead. When she said she couldn’t be alone with the interpreter without a hijab, he allegedly grew frustrated with her and threw a pen and medical form at her back.

A Letter to Justin Trudeau

How many more times are you going to stand on the steps of Parliament and apologize to some group?  It seems every month, there you are, groping for words and looking ready to cry over something that has happened eons ago.

If people are still traumatized over something that happened to their great, great, ancestors, then they have more issues in their life than what an apology can solve. I’m by no means trivializing the plight of those who’ve been wronged, but is it not time to move forward and stop the “blame game”?

I’m sorry Justin but you cannot be everything to everybody.  So I’m suggesting a one time “blanket” apology for everyone, for all time, and get it over with.  If an apology works, then great, perhaps it will save the hard earning taxpayers some money.  Oh, but I forgot, some people have already accepted an apology AND money. So from now on ,they should only be able to choose one-  an apology OR money- then the matter is closed!!!  Care to guess which one most would pick?

I know you’re busy and all marching in parades and attending rallies, so to help you I’ve composed a letter. You can read it on the steps of Parliament , hand it out to journalists, or hold a news conference. Please do not thank me, living in my wonderful free Canada is thanks enough.

An Open Letter of Apology from Justin Trudeau:

This is an open letter of apology to everyone, anyone, anywhere, any place, anybody, anything, and any time period. Please accept this sincere apology from the federal, provincial, municipal, or any public office of Canada.

If you think you’ve been hurt, harmed, insulted, slighted, overlooked, under paid, over paid, under worked, over worked, under praised, over praised, or anything you deem to deserve an apology, please accept our regrets on the matter. This will be a ONE TIME apology, so please take the time to acknowledge this historical moment in history, as no others will be forthcoming in the future.

We’re truly sorry that our ancestors did not treat you fairly but 500 yrs. ago, manners and humbleness were not in vogue.  So we ask that everyone kindly move forward with their lives as the government has other very important matters to deal with.  So in closing, there will be no senate approval, no further discussion on the matter and NO more payouts for the disgruntled. We wish everyone a happy and contented life – which is why everyone comes to Canada, right?

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Dear Friends of ACT! For Canada,

Since its inception, ACT! For Canada has worked tirelessly to provide you with up-to-date information about the most pressing issues affecting freedom and security in Canada and around the world. We believe that an informed citizenry is an able and prepared citizenry. Moreover, we have sought to inspire and galvanize ACT! members by bringing in a variety of speakers from the front lines of the struggle against Islamic jihad. Please help us continue this vital work with a donation.

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ACT! for Canada is a forum for citizens concerned about the triumphalist brand of Islam that seeks to erode our cherished western principles of free speech and equality with the goal of eventual Islamic supremacy in the West.

Our mission is to educate our members and the general public about Islamist infiltration of western institutions. We do this through events featuring Canadian and international experts on Islamism. We also publish a weekly newsletter that encompasses the most informative, thought-provoking articles on the stealth jihad at home and abroad, written by courageous and knowledgeable commentators.  Much of this important material cannot be found in our “politically correct” mainstream media.

We are concerned with the socio-political, judicial, economic and demographic aspects of Islam, not the spiritual path or personal religion of Muslims. Our aim is to inform and widen the public understanding of Islam as an aggressive global ideology.  As more and more Canadians understand Islam is not “just another religion”, this realisation will lead to a more critical debate about these non-spiritual and non-religious aspects of Islam; ultimately generating a shift in public opinion and policy creation.

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NEW NORMAL: Toronto City Council Installing Barriers To Prevent Terror Attacks With Vehicles

Disturbingly, it seems that the elites are trying to make living under the threat of terrorism the new normal, by weakening our borders, ignoring the threat, “reintegrating” ISIS fighters instead of eliminating/arresting them, and then telling us we have to accept that barriers will go up all over the place. There is a clear irony here, as many politicians have been constantly dismissing the threat of Islamist terrorism, and even try demonizing Patriotic Canadians as “Islamophobic” for even mentioning the danger.

Quebec’s next big battle over separatism will be the split between church and state

Quebec efforts to grapple with secularism in the past decade have included the 2007-’08 Bouchard-Taylor commission, the 2013 Charter of Values seeking to ban conspicuous religious symbols from the public service and Bill 62, which is already the subject of a constitutional challenge. And still confusion reigns. Municipalities use zoning to restrict new places of worship while largely empty Catholic churches occupy prime estate. Residents of a small town outside Quebec City last summer blocked the opening of a Muslim cemetery on the grounds that a graveyard should be open to all, even though Catholic cemeteries can be just as restrictive.