What Does It Mean When a Woman Wears a Muslim Headscarf?

I’ve been experiencing a big personal change, to do with seeing a woman wearing the Muslim headscarf. I used to have no response. Now every time I see this, I ask myself: “Just what does she believe?”

Most of all, my sense is that it’s taken a long time for it to sink in that I’m seeing women walking around advertising that they’re part of a religion that seeks world domination, that seeks the destruction of my culture and way of life, that views all non-Muslims as filthy Kafirs — to be deceived, beheaded, crucified, plotted against, terrorized, humiliated, according to the Quran, which they believe is true — or what are they doing, wearing the Muslim headscarf?


The Strong Horse

If one were to pick a single, decisive event that would mark the end of the modern, western Middle East and the dawn of the post-western pre-modern Middle East, it would be the fall of Baghdad to ISIS or ISIL or, as they prefer to be known, “the Islamic State”.

Is that likely? According to General Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaking on ABC News at the weekend, the head hackers were within 15 miles with “a straight shot to the airport“. As I write, they’re apparently within eight miles. The Iraqi Army do not seem minded to put up much of a fight – unlike, say, the Kurds in Kobani. And naturally, heady on its usual cocktail of treachery and delusion, Washington has chosen to stiff the Kurds but prop up the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Desertion.


The Roots of Reckless Hate: Overcoming Jihad

Evil cannot be bargained with, it cannot be defeated haphazardly, it cannot be appeased, and it is singular in its devotion to its absolutist goals of dominion. The Islamic State and the fictional character Sauron share the fact that they are both evil, but not sources of evil in themselves. Rather, Sauron’s power lies in the One Ring, and the Islamic State’s lies in its twisted brand of Jihad.


The return of fear on the U.S.-Canada border


Not since the terrorist attacks of September 2001 have ordinary people been as concerned about the risk of a terrorist attack inside the United States. Since Islamic State militants began seizing swaths of Iraq and Syria and beheading Western hostages, nearly half of Americans now believe their country is less safe today than before the 9/11 attacks, according to a recent NBC poll. That’s almost double the number from just one year ago.



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The Gathering Storm

One of the reasons that an acknowledgement of the truth about the Islamic State would be problematic for British politicians is that they would have to deal with the fact that they have allowed uncontrolled immigration to our shores for many years now, against the will of the vast majority of British citizens, and many of those immigrants belong to the ummah, the worldwide community of Muslims.