Anti-Semitism was required, Anti-Islamism is verboten

Reminiscent of the Third Reich era, displays of Jewish hatred and agitating against Jews are in full bloom in today’s Germany. Radical Islamic protestors are permitted to yell, “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas,” “Jewish s—t” and “Jew, Jew, cowardly swine, come out and fight on your own.”  Yet those who call for the preservation of German culture, protest the massive influx of Muslim “refugees,” religious fanaticism and Islamic separatism and radicalism are shut down, depicted as Nazis, prosecuted for hate speech, fined and even jailed.   Appallingly, it has been alleged that the German government is busing in counter-protest groups to create opposition to anti-immigrant rallies.

European leaders like Merkel remain mum about continuing anti-Semitism and persist in vilifying the Jewish State, a country on the front lines of the war against Islamic terrorism.  At the same time, they pursue policies of Muslim appeasement and prohibit criticism of Islam in the name of multiculturalism.  Merkel and her compatriots are thus paving the way for continued crime, civil unrest, the rise of Islam within their borders, and the ultimate destruction of their countries.


European patriots for Trump

Next US presidential elections are important as never before – for America, for Europe and the rest of the Western world. As Europeans and patriots we stand for freedom, sovereignty and the variety of our identities – without Islamic influence. We want our European borders to be closed – now! We don’t want war-mongering against our Eastern neighbours.

Till now German chancellor Merkel is the most dangerous woman in the world, Europe has to get rid of her. You, the Americans, are in duty to prevent an even worse female leader with tremendous global influence. So, please think and vote in favour of your nation, in favour of the whole world. Make America great again. Vote for Trump!

When Muslims complain about ‘Islamophobia’

Wearing a hijab and a doleful expression, the Muslim woman asks plaintively what the candidate intends to do about “Islamophobia.” Here’s an answer:

It’s really up to Muslims.  If they’re concerned about Islamophobia, they need to call off the jihad.  They need to stop killing and persecuting non-Muslims.  It won’t be easy, because they’ve been doing it for 1500 years.  But that’s the solution. Islam is a religion of conquest.  The jihad is a fundamental tenet of the faith.

Tribal Europe: A Tour of France, Germany and Sweden (Part I)

On September 25, Raheel Raza traveled with a group hosted by The Middle East Forum on a fact-finding mission to Europe. There were 33 attendees from Australia, UK, Canada and USA (academics, activists and ordinary citizens), and we spent two days each in Paris, Berlin and Stockholm. In each city we had a local guide, met with government officials and members of organizations and civil society. Names have not been used for reasons of security and privacy).

The staff of Canadian MP William Amos sends insulting email to constituent

A Canadian citizen was disrespected by the staff of MP William Amos after writing an email that was critical of carbon tax increases within the country: “This is the height of rudeness by liberal politicians while the mainstream media covers up for them.”

The Right to Mock by Douglas Murray

Responding to the Louis Smith drunken video, the same Mohammed Shafiq was quoted in the Sun saying of Smith: “I think he should apologise immediately. Our faith is not to be mocked, our faith is to be celebrated and I think people will be offended.” Shafiq does not explain why his faith should not be mocked. Nor does he seem to know anything about the right of free people in free countries to do or say whatever we like about Islam or any other faith whenever we feel like it. There is nothing special about Islam that means it cannot be mocked.