What does it mean to be Canadian?

Our obsession with individual rights under the auspices of the Charter of Right and Freedoms is leading to fissures in our democracy.  We are fragmenting rather than unifying. Our governments pander to different ethnic groups rather than seeing us as Canadians first-ethnicity second.  A few are actually bullying the many. Any attempt to point out the loss of rights of the many is met with accusations of racism or intolerance. Yet those making individual demands never think of themselves as intolerant.


Families of Brit 9/11 victims due £69million EACH in compensation, says lawyer

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner believes the families of the 2,977 World Trade Center fatalities could each receive $100m (£69m) in what could be the costliest lawsuit in history. The potentially humongous legal action moved one step closer to reality on Tuesday when US bigwigs passed a terrorism justice act. “It will be huge,” said Ms Darshan-Leitner, speaking to Daily Star Online.


Only Islam Can Save Us From Islam

9/11 cost us $3.3 trillion, over 10,000 dead, a national loss of privacy and traumas inflicted on millions. What could any number of moderate Muslims possibly contribute to outweigh all that? If it were a debt, it would take a thousand years to even begin balancing out those scales. And instead of trying to make amends, Muslim groups like CAIR and ISNA have waged a relentless campaign to undermine national security and defame Americans. They have refused to cooperate with law enforcement, defended terrorists and denounced America. These are our “moderate” partners.

When you’re in a hole, stop digging. Muslim populations are a hole. Immigration is the shovel. Dig deep enough and you’re six feet under.


‘No Muslims allowed’: how nationalism is rising in Aung San Suu Kyi’s Myanmar

After decades of military rule, Myanmar has entered a new era. As state counsellor, Aung San Suu Kyi is in charge, though key institutions remain under the army’s control. Recent weeks, however, have brought a surge in nationalist activity. Scores rallied outside the US embassy in Yangon last month to demand diplomats stop using the word Rohingya to describe millions of Muslims confined to internal displacement camps and villages in western Myanmar. Nationalists insist the group are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.


Canadian PM’s “Elbowgate” Scandal Reveals Racism of Leftist Feminists

Leftists are quick to cry racism and abuse of women and to buy into the “Islamophobia” victimology, yet these so-called proponents of human rights and women’s rights care little — as they demonstrate by their own actions — about women in Islamic countries, which suggests a troubling brand of racism, as they show that they have little to no concern for the fact that these foreign women are subject to heinous forms of abuse, such as getting acid thrown in their faces for attempting to get an education; honor killings; female genital mutilation; and other forms of subjugation.


CAIR’s Dawud Walid: Civil Rights Champion or Radical Hiding in the Open?

Dawud Walid has demeaned, bullied and slandered other Muslims for years. He has actively worked to silence discussion of critical issues, by working to shut down screenings of Honor Diaries, a film addressing the mistreatment of women in the name of “honor” culture; instigating online hate campaigns and witch hunts against dissidents — women in particular — and pushing Muslims to ostracize those with whom he disagrees. While this behavior has been abhorrent and has brought significant distress and even potential danger to those he has targeted, the broader public has paid little mind.


Albani’s Escape from Communism and His Free Life in America

Young Americans today do not really understand politics, history, and economics. What little history they did learn in school has been sifted through the revisionist historical perspective of Howard Zinn whose textbook has been the adopted textbook for decades in most high schools in America.  With socialist teachers and professors who push and advocate Common Core, global collectivism, and Islam, it is no wonder that they yearn for invented “social justice” and “equality” that never existed in the first place and will never exist in the real world.