World leaders were yakking it up with snub-snit Obama in Situation Room

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is addressing a joint session of Congress, 11 a.m. this morning, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and 34 Democrats will be ‘I am Charlie Hebdo’-like MIA.

It comes as no surprise that Obama would try for some kind of one-upmanship during the time Bibi had the floor. But it should come as somewhat of a surprise that British Prime Minister David Cameron’, French President François Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and European Commission President Donald Tusk would lend themselves as Obama’s escape.

What is Israel to do?

We suspect with reason that Barack Obama is salivating at the prospect of Israel’s reduction and will not lift a finger to help in its hour of need. In fact, he will make it more difficult for Israel to resist, as he did during the last Gaza war by withholding critical arms shipments and imposing a ban on flights into Ben Gurion International Airport.

Ultimately, we come back to the beginning. Assuming that the country possesses enough electoral wisdom to keep the left from exerting undue influence and enough intellectual savvy to disregard what Glick calls “the pathologically hateful Israeli media,” it must continue to rely on its proven pluck, resourcefulness and ingenuity — and on the courage and self-sacrifice of the best fighting force in the world.

West Misses Point—and Lesson—of Buddhist Anti-Muslim Sentiment

The fact is, as in other countries where they are minorities, Muslims in Buddhist nations often initiate violence and mayhem.  In Buddhist-majority Thailand, where Muslim minorities are concentrated in the south, thousands of Buddhists—men, women, and children—have been slaughtered, beheaded, and raped, as Muslims try to cleanse the region of all “infidel” presence.

Warren Buffett Backs Keystone XL, says U.S. “thumbing nose” at Canada

Warren Buffett owns interests in the rail industry, in addition to oil sands holdings, there had been some speculation that he might have stood to benefit from a Keystone rejection.

But he has expressed support for it in the past, and did so with particular force Monday: “That (oil) is a valuable resource of North America, and Canada has been a terrific partner over the decades, and for us to kind of thumb our nose at them, you know, (that’s) not what I would do.”


UK Muslims launch manifesto at House of Lords

The Muslims have established a political wing here in the States. How long before we see this?  A few short years?  Millions of Muslims come to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government (sharia) which they believe to be superior to what we have here, and they work to implement it.

The ISIS Beheader is the Victim

Britain did indeed drive Mohammed, a wealthy kid who graduated from the University of Westminster, to chop heads. It didn’t however do it by oppressing him with a nice degree at a nice university. It radicalized him by coddling his violent hatred of non-Muslims. It provided him with the opportunity to attend the Greenwich Islamic Centre, the same mosque as the Muslim beheaders of a British soldier, whose Imam urged students to become terrorists. It radicalized him by treating him like a victim.

The UK allowed, Mohammed, the kind and gentle beheader, to get away with everything he did. He got away with stalking a female classmate and with using a stun gun to commit robberies. He got away with stealing bicycles and with waving a Jihadist flag in public in a country where burning a Koran is a crime. He was extensively involved with Jihadist networks and he still remained a free man. Is it any wonder that he worked his way up to becoming the Islamic State’s video beheader?

The White House Must Respond to Netanyahu’s Important New Proposal

The decision to accept or reject a deal with Iran over its nuclear weapons program may be the most important foreign policy issue of the 21st century. Many members of Congress, perhaps most, agree with the Prime Minister of Israel, rather than with the President of the United States on this issue. Under our system of separation of powers, Congress is a fully co-equal branch of the government, and no major decision of the kind involved in this deal should be made over its opposition. Perhaps the President can persuade Congress to support this deal, but it must engage with, rather than ignore, our duly elected representatives of the people.

The Rhetoric of Genocide

Our soldiers are not terrorists. Until our epistemic leaders are willing to maintain the obvious distinctions, we will lack the will to confront genocidaires and their agents. American soldiers have since World War II fought heroically against genocidaires, but now they fight media warriors at home who morally equivocate and suggest that they are no better than those they fight. Without moral distinctions at home, it is nearly impossible to project strength abroad against the genocidaires. We are not the monsters we are fighting.