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Rich Mehta is a professor at Acadia University who is being attacked by Marxist and Socialist forces that are trying to stifle debate and shut down free speech. As well as calling for him to be fired from his teaching position. He believes in the pursuit of truth and freedom of expression. It is outrageous how he is being persecuted.

What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right

We are lectured by Democrats that we must privilege third-world immigration by the hundred million with chain migration.  They tell us we must end America as a white, Western, Judeo-Christian, capitalist nation – to prove we are not racist.  I don’t need to prove a thing.  Leftists want open borders because they resent whites, resent Western achievements, and hate America.  They want to destroy America as we know it. We have the right to choose what kind of country to live in.  I was happy to donate a year of my life as a young woman to help the poor Senegalese.  I am not willing to donate my country.

UN chief unveils plan to promote global mass migration

In 2012, United Nations Secretary General António Guterres infamously remarked that the European Union — which he had previously served as a European Commissioner — should be doing its best to “undermine national homogeneity” and promote “multicultural states” through mass migration. So now, OIC puppet and socialist António Guterres is out to convince all that “Migration can benefit the world.” President Trump has rejected Guterres’ plan as “simply not compatible with US sovereignty.”

Stay vigilant about Sharia in Canada by Candice Malcolm

Jihadist terrorists seek to destabilize our society through acts of war; meanwhile non-violent Islamists — driven by the same dogmatic ideology — work to quietly advance their cause and spread the doctrine of political Islam across the West. Examples of Islamist practices seeping into our society are all around us, and perhaps the most concerning is the encroachment of Sharia Law.

It’s Time to Bring the Southern Poverty Law Center to Justice 

There are many powerful forces operating today across the nation to divide the American people and silence opposing views. One of the most active of these efforts is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). There are two very serious reasons why the SPLC is in many ways more dangerous than other organizations that are fueling the flames of the far left radicals who use violence and lies to stop honest political debate.

First, the SPLC has contracts with the federal government, specifically the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), serving as advisors to help define what a domestic terrorist or hate group is, even helping to write official policy for this agency of our government. Here are just a few examples:

Security consultant claims Canadian government declined two rescue missions for abducted Canadians

Canadian officials twice rejected proposals from the Philippines government to approve rescue missions for Alberta hostages Robert Hall and John Ridsdel, says a Calgary-based security consultant claiming knowledge of the planned military interventions.

However, there was no official comment from either the Prime Minister’s Office or the Ministry of Global Affairs about Humphrey’s claims Monday.

“My gut feeling is the only opportunity they truly had would have been a rescue mission in March or April,” he said.